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orange is the new black basically 


orange is the new black basically 

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By: xren1

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Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.

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so my dad offered me to move back in with him so i can save up to move into a new apartment. it was a nice gesture but i don’t think i cant handle that. its been a rough week emotionally and i feel like that would just send me over the edge. As easy that would make the transition into a new apartment i just cant handle all the shitty or good memories. id rather stay put and just handle moving from this crappy apartment. plus, its not that hard of a move. it just all depends on this loan. ( yet again -_-) and anyway this move wont be happening till november, i could try to save money but i just suck sooo bad at it. i like to spend and drink way to much to spend money. plus i have comic con coming in october and i really wanted to buy mad shit. w.e i guess ill just have to take it easy, still spend just not as much. if i can even save up 200 hundred that will be good. ill know more about the loan tomorrow.

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You ripped out my heart so I cut open my skin to see if I was still alive. Now there’s blood everywhere but I can’t feel a thing. I still don’t know the answer.

- Am I breathing (via wallfloher)

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I had it all once..once..

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Blink-182 + snapchats

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